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Posted by The Marfan Foundation Feb 12, 2021

Maya and Fam - How it started

In 2010, Maya Brown-Zimmerman and her husband, Mark, co-wrote a blog post, Marfan Through a Husband's Eyesgiving a glimpse into their lives as a young couple navigating Marfan syndrome. We've always loved this post for its realness, so we asked the couple to share an update. 

Maya writes: 

So, it's been 11 years since Mark first wrote about Marfan through his eyes. At that time, we'd been married a couple of years and had a new baby. Since then we've seen:
  • A cross-country move
  • 3 more children
  • 4 surgeries and a couple more hospitalizations for me
  • Me going back to school
  • 10 more Annual Conferences

We're just as involved with the Foundation as ever, especially since we have an affected child now. Mark has helped with the spouses' workshop at Annual Conference off and on, although you can usually find him wandering the hotel with our young daughters (but when in-person conference resumes in 2022, they'll both be old enough for the kids' program!).

146726241_793096284917439_9090657443052808660_nYou can read Mark and Maya's original post, and many others, on Maya's blog,










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