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Kacey Lamphier

Kacey is an orthopedic nurse from Prince Edward Island, Canada. She values friendship, family, and writing. Kacey lives with her boyfriend and three pets. She is in the Marfan Writing Group and hopes to continue to spread awareness of Marfan syndrome.

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My Marfan Story: Kacey Lamphier

Feb 27, 2018 by Kacey Lamphier

The month of February is extra important to me as it marks the month of the heart. I have been living with Marfan syndrome for 30 years; however, I’ve only been diagnosed for 22 years. I try every day to share my story and knowledge about the condition. The more we speak up, the more people we can be helping. Here is my story.

Topics: Marfan Awareness, Marfan Community, Living Successfully