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Jamie Efurd

Jamie is marketing manager for an oil and gas company in Houston. Although her passion is marketing, she also loves cycling, triathlons, and running. Her greatest passion, however, is her role as a mother to her daughter and sidekick, Callie, who was recently diagnosed with Marfan syndrome in December 2015 at the age of 4.

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Jamie Efurd - My Marfan Story

Feb 8, 2016 by Jamie Efurd

“Make it through the door, Jamie. Make it through the door.” Those were my first thoughts as we were leaving the pediatric ophthalmologist appointment for my daughter, Callie (age 4), after her doctor mentioned that we should look into something we had never heard of before, Marfan syndrome. The door I was referring to was the front door to the building, the building I initially thought we were going into just to get our daughter some glasses. I needed fresh air immediately and for my daughter not to see me break down into tears.

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