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Bridgette Howe

Bridgette Howe was a full-time teacher before being diagnosed with VEDS in 2010 following major surgeries. Bridgette continues striving to pursue her passions of teaching, volunteering, and advocating for rare illness and disability. She resides in upstate NY with her spouse Travis and their pranky labrador, Stella. Bridgette hopes that her writing educates and inspires others in their own journeys and looks forward to seeing everything The VEDS Movement, the VEDS division of The Marfan Foundation, will accomplish.

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Taking Control

Sep 21, 2020 by Bridgette Howe

As a softball pitcher, I was used to controlling a game’s tempo. I could choose to take a breath or regroup, or force batters to rush if I was in a groove. I could paint the outside corner or decide on high heat, knowing what needed to be thrown and when. In order to pitch, you have to believe that everything begins and ends on your command.