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Bridget Porter (Metz)

Bridget Porter (Metz), who resides in San Jose, CA, is married to Keith Metz, and is the proud mom of Nicholas and Connor Metz. The Metz family is active in the community with a special focus on Scouting and team sports. Bridget is a Global Account Director for RR Donnelley, so her boys have been very involved locally, but also benefit from having many friends around the globe, especially in China.

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Nick’s Journey in Honor of Connor’s Big Heart

May 13, 2021 by Bridget Porter (Metz)

Nick (front) and Connor in July 2020 

On the morning of December 3, 2020, Nick Metz, a 16-year-old in California, was schooling from home like most kids in the US when I pulled him to rush to the hospital. His 13-year-old brother, Connor, had been taken to the ER earlier in the morning to address what we thought was merely a back ache.

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