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Adopt-A-School Victory Challenge Mini iPad Winner

Posted by The Marfan Foundation Nov 11, 2014


This fall, we held the Adopt-A-School Victory Challenge to encourage parents, guardians, grandparents, and any adults to bring our teacher and school nurse resources to their local schools. We randomly selected one of the participants in the challenge as the winner of an iPad mini... and the winner was Eva Marie Seijo, of Virginia Beach, VA.

While Eva was excited about the prize, she is most gratified by the reception she has received at her daughter’s school when she took the time to educate them about Marfan syndrome. Thank You so much, I'm really excited about this. My experience bringing the information to the school was great and I consider it something every parent should do for their kids.

Here’s what she told us:

During the first week of the current school year, I requested a meeting with Alana's teacher (like every other year) to discuss Alana's condition and anything I consider the teacher should know about her. The difference was that this year I asked the nurse and school counselor to be present at that meeting, I provided them with the information printed out from the Foundation's website (teacher resource and school nurse resource) and discussed questions and concerns that may arise in different situations through the year.

I think the meeting was of benefit to all parties and very informative. As a mother and educator, I feel it is important to continue doing this for as many years as possible. Next year, I will try to add other schools in the community and educate them about Marfan and related disorders too.

You can take the Adopt-A-School Victory Challenge at any time during the year. We’d like our map to show that our members have reached school nurses and teachers from coast to coast!

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