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Tracy Fitzgerald

Tracy Fitzgerald, of Lebanon Township, NJ, is a long-time member of The Marfan Foundation. Her exhibit will be on display throughout the month of May at the SOMI Fine Art Gallery in Flemington, NJ.

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Embracing A Road Not Chosen Through Painting

Apr 28, 2014 by Tracy Fitzgerald

Embracing a road not chosen is a choice that is put in front of all of us when facing an illness or disease. How we choose to deal with our emotions and our pain differs, but we all find ways to cope to get us through each day. Painting provides me with that outlet to express what lies within my heart and reflects my personal vulnerabilities, as well as my many successes. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to pursue my passion, and share with others my own journey. Marfan syndrome, for me, has been many things depending on the day, month, or year. It has been a curse and a blessing. Really, it is just a part of who I am.

Topics: Living Successfully